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Ability to manage performance of the institutionalized processes and continuously improve them is vital to the business success of any organization. This ability inheres in the organizations executing the high maturity practices of CMMI model. The process improvement processes deployed have the following characteristics a) driven by business goals, b) statistically managed, c) organization-wide and d) continuous (improvement never ends).
The presentation is dedicated to Motorola St. Petersburg Software center’s experience in establishing of a framework to achievement business goals through the use of maturity level 4 and 5 process practices of CMMI model. It gives an overview of improvement process established in the center: what are the sources and the drivers for the improvements, usage of Digital Six Sigma methodologies, and who is responsible for decisions on project and organization level, how the effectiveness of process improvement is evaluated. The presentation defines the procedures of simple and complex changes to the organization process, what methodologies are used and what the benefits in both cases are