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We present our experience of integrating and using open-source systems and environments in software delevopment process. In the presentation, we will discuss some principal problems of software development:
• Change management;
• Project management and project communication (workflows and collaborative activities);
• Defect and issue tracking;
• Knowledge management;
• Test-case and requirements management.
Many systems, software products and methodologies have been developed to solve these problems. But few years ago, only commercial closed-source software was available on the subject. Nowdays, open source has introduced a new dimension in software community and there are open-source software for these problems that are free of charge and can be easily adopted to your software development process. We are successfully using during several years such systems as Bugzilla, Mediawiki, CVS, Subversion, Bonsai, Testlink in our agile development process to create and maintain information software. We will show how these systems can be configured, integrated and used according to our experience.