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The Framework for Integrated Tests (Fit) is a powerful open-source framework for automated testing. Fit allows for executable requirements written in a tabular form with examples to test business rules. After execution, Fit returns a report in the same tabular form with color-coded results. FITpro is an open source software solution brought to you by Luxoft. FITpro for Eclipse harnesses the power of the Framework for Integrated Test (Fit) for Java within the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). FITpro for Visual Studio .NET does the same within the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. These tools make acceptance testing easier and more efficient by enabling creation, management and execution of tests all within a single development environment. This presentation will help to answer the following questions: · What is FIT? · How does FIT work? · How can FIT be extended? · What are the business and technical benefits of FIT? · What tools are available to supplement FIT · What is FITpro and how does it help?