Steve Masters
Steve Masters

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"CMMI® High Maturity Appraisal Considerations"

Duration: 4 hours
Language: English with the simultaneous translation into Russian

Workshop Description

The workshop will provide expectations on what is required in a SCAMPI A appraisal for CMMI® maturity level 4 or 5 ratings.

Key high maturity concepts such as process performance baselines, process performance models, and variation will be discussed as well as how high maturity organizations are expected to quantitatively manage their work, address defects and other problems, and improve their processes.

The workshop will look at the specific practices associated with the maturity level 4 and 5 Process Areas focusing on the importance of the informative material and reviewing common misconceptions if the informative material is ignored.

Steve Masters Bio

Steve Masters is the Competency Development Manager for the CMMI® Appraisal Team at the Software Engineering Institute. Since joining the SEI in 1987, Masters has been involved in developing, teaching, and practicing process appraisal techniques. His most recent work was as Project Manager for the development of the SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Body of Knowledge (SLA BOK) which has just been published as an SEI technical report.

Masters is a SEI-certified SCAMPISM High Maturity Lead Appraiser, has led or participated on over 30 class A appraisals, and is an instructor of the SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Training and SCAMPI B&C Team Leader Training courses. In addition, Masters is an SEI-authorized instructor of the Introduction to CMMI and Intermediate Concepts of CMMI courses. Masters has co-authored several SEI technical reports and special reports.