EMC is the world leader on the market of the information storage systems. Main areas of EMC’s business are storage systems and content management software (to provide Information Lifecycle Management). Software development is one of the major areas of EMC business. In the global economy, EMC changes the strategy, becoming more distributed company as before. As part of this development, EMC has opened Saint-Petersburg Center of Excellence where world-class professionals develop software for EMC products.
As Russian software engineers becoming more and more recognized on the global software development market, Russia is a good place for such center. And Saint-Petersburg has highly professional work-force and already established community of software development, these were main reasons for opening the Center there. Also, it’s important to grow business in Russia as it develops fast and potential market is huge.
Center of Excellence is growing rapidly, doing work for several EMC business units.

Keywords: EMC, EMC2; information storage systems; content management; software development.