it4business - our project is about Information Technologies and Business needs. We are thinking about IT and business, tools and approaches, methodologies and theory, as well as software development from business analysis dig into coding, testing and support of IT-systems.
Открытые системы Издательство «Открытые системы» образовано в 1993 г. В настоящее время выпускает 15 различных наименований изданий, которые выходят ежемесячным тиражом более 1 миллиона экземпляров и ежегодным тиражом более 12 миллионов экземпляров. Лидирующие позиции издательства на рынке печатной продукции обеспечиваются широким спектром изданий, как в сфере информационных технологий телекоммуникаций, так и популярных массовых изданий.
PC Week Weekly PC WEEK/Russian Edition (Computer week) is issued by Publishing House «SK Press» since March, 1995, informs on the advanced information technologies and decisions, the newest development and products, tendencies of development of the IT-industry, the major events domestic and world market IT.
Intelligent Enterprise «Corporate systems» is the business IT-magazine focused on CIO, IT-directors and the top of IT-management of the companies and focused on questions of investments into information technologies and IT management, on economic and administrative aspects of automation of the enterprises and applications of information technologies. The magazine shines all complex of the questions necessary for acceptance as strategic and operative decisions in the field of management IT and IT-innovations.
BYTE «BYTE/Russia» Magazine for IT-professionals and the qualified corporate users.
CNEWS The daily Internet magazine is the largest Russian on-line periodical devoted to hi-tech. The magazine specializes in up-to-date news from the hi-tech world. Over the three years of its work ( was established on the basis of the Hi-Tech News news line of the RosBusinessConsulting news agency ) the site has been rightfully recognized by the online community. About 100 news items covering the situation on the Russian and foreign markets are published every day.
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Usethics Usethics was the first Russian company to offer its clients usability testing services uncoupled from interface design work. Usethics provides full support for foreign companies that conduct a usability tests of their products in Russia, which includes test administration services and recruitment of participants.
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IT Manager Magazine for top-management of companies IT - business, the assistant in acceptance of key decisions in management of business. The magazine contains the actual information on events, projects, interview to the first persons of the companies, analytics of the market.
Periodicity -be monthly, circulation - 12700.
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IT News IT News newspaper shines news, events, the facts occurring in the world of information technologies. An audience of the edition - corporate customers, IT-managers, readers of various age and formation.
Periodicity – be weekly, circulation - 15000.
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Electronics Express Electronics, magazine is issued since 1992, and published, first of all, for the professionals in the field of information technologies, occupied with the production, service, and also sales of the IT-products and services.
Periodicity - monthly, circulation - 21500.
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